We partner with the industry’s leading manufacturers to offer our customers products with an unmatched level of quality, durability, and performance at the best value. We are proud to represent brands such as:

Dorsey Trailers

Dorsey Trailers LogoSince 1911, Dorsey Trailers has delivered innovative, quality, and durable products. With more than 100 years of experience, the company has developed some of the industry’s most cutting-edge trailer design and craftsmanship. Dorsey offers a wide variety of products including steel and composite flatbeds, drop decks, extendable flatbeds, open top and closed top chip vans, and specialty trailers.

Fontaine Trailer

Fontaine Trailer logoFounded in 1940, Fontaine Trailer offers an extensive line of trailers and trailer parts through their multiple brands such as Fontaine Heavy Haul and Fontaine Trailer Commercial Platform. Since their beginnings, Fontaine has always strived to put their customers and their needs first by providing them with the best quality, highest resale value, and most reliable performance possible.

Winston Trailers

Winston Trailers LogoLocated in Haleyville, Alabama and founded in 1986, Winston Trailers’ specialty is custom building equipment trailers to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Every detail of each trailer is carefully considered to provide customers with the very best fit for their hauling needs.

Big John Trailers

Big John Trailers LogoWith its roots in the logging industry, Big John has been supplying loggers with trailers since 1974. Since then, Big John has expanded its line of products to include equipment for many applications. Big John has a vast knowledge of the forestry industry and because of this, they offer a wide selection of features and options specifically designed to provide the greatest level of performance in their logging equipment.